Watch the most terrifying high-wire walk ever

If your “live broadcast” of a stunt involves putting it on a 10-second delay, just in case the stunt goes horribly and someone dies, it’s probably a pretty terrifying stunt. That’s exactly what the Discovery Channel did when they aired Nik Wallenda’s 2-part high-wire walk on November 2nd in Chicago. Spoiler alert: he lives, but the video of the walks is still plenty terrifying…

On his first pass, Wallenda walked on a 19-degree incline from the 65-story Marina Tower West (you know, from Blues Brothers…) to the 50-story Leo Burnett Building. Despite being 15 stories shorter, the Leo Burnett Building is nearly 100 feet taller than the Marina Towers, which created the incline Wallenda had to walk up.


His second walk was just between the two Marina City Towers with no incline. That seems way too easy so he wore a blindfold. Yeah, that’s insane.


Like a true badass/maniac/idiot, Nik did the whole thing without a safety harness or net, and sick folks just like you and I lined the balconies and surrounding observation decks to see if Wallenda would complete the walks or become a greasy spot on the Chicago streets.


Thankfully, Wallenda made both walks without falling 50+ stories to an early grave. The “Windy City,” however, did offer him some challenges. He said he could feel the wire moving with the wind, but, he “remained confident” with his grip on the wire. It becomes just another crazy feat for Nik Wallenda who is already a household name for his other totally insane walks like crossing Niagara Falls from the US to Canada…

And for becoming the first wire-walker to walk over the Little Colorado River Gorge in the Grand Canyon in 2013. He’s a video of him crossing the 1,500 ft. gorge…

Wallenda, as you may know, is really just carrying on the family business started by his great-grandfather Karl Wallenda in the early 1920s. The Wallendas, dubbed “The Flying Wallendas,” after the group fell off a wire in an Akron, OH performance, have travelled the world for nearly 100 years now, with each generation carrying on some of the family business and family tragedy…




In 1962, the Wallenda act was performing their 7-person chair pyramid at the Shrine Circus in Detroit when the pyramid collapsed, killing Wallenda’s son-in-law and nephew. Karl ended up with a bum pelvis and his own son, Mario, was paralyzed.


Karl’s sister-in-law would later fall to her death and another son-in-law would die after touching an electric wire in 1972. Sadly, Karl himself would fall to his death on March 22, 1978 on a 10-story walk at the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His great-grandson Nik Wallenda would return in 2011 with his mother Delilah and complete the very same walk in his great-grandfather’s honor…

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